A community driven effort to improve health and wellness in the  Heart of Illinois.    

The Process:

2016-2019  MAPP/IPLAN 

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) - A community-driven, interactive strategic planning process for improving community health by applying strategic thinking to prioritize public health issues and identify resources to address them.


The Assessments:

Local Public Health System Assessment

To understand the overall strengths and weaknesses of the public health system based on the 10 Essential Public Health Services.

Forces of Change Assessment

To identify forces such as trends, factors, or events that are or will be influencing the health and quality of life of the community.

Community Health Assessment

To highlight the health needs and well-being of residents in the Tri-County region.  

Community Themes and Strengths

To collect input from the community relating to community issues and concerns, as well as, perceptions about quality of life, and community assets.  


The Priorities :

To prioritize the top community health issues for the Tri-County region.  Four priorities were selected to include behavioral health, healthy eating/active living (HEAL), Cancer (Breast & Lung), and Reproductive Health.  

Agenda for Prioritization Day (PDF)

Prioritization Planning Day Slide Show (PDF)


The Final Plan:

2016-2019 Community Health Improvement Plan (PDF)